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As part of the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP), students are encouraged to engage in internships and collaboration  opportunities to put skills and education into practice.  BSMP students are in the US to engage in studies in the   STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) on the J-1 Exchange Visitor visa;  the J-1 visa provides work authorization eligibility for these internship opportunities.

While these summer internships are not only an incredible opportunity for BSMP students, they are also a wonderful opportunity for corporations to partner with Rice University. Corporate partners benefit by increasing productivity, gaining new ideas and perspectives, fostering educational collaborations, and gaining insight into the next generation of scientific leaders.

Current corporate partners include: Bratecc, Atex, and Odebrecht

If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner and wish to offer summer internships to Rice’s amazing BSMP students, please contact the Brasil@Rice office at 713-348-2833 for more details.  You may also email Mayra H.L. Onuchic at mho1@rice.edu or Juliana Kenj at jkenj@rice.edu. 

Rodrigo Estima, Andre Montibeller, Dalton Dasilva, Vinicius Goncalves


From Odebrecht:

Odebrecht would like to thank all of our interns for their hard work and dedication for the last two months. We would like to wish them well in their future.

Odebrecht Industrial Engineering participated with the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program and sponsored interns from Rice University. The internship provided the interns with the opportunity to work in a professional engineering environment, in which they learned the technical aspects of their future profession, discipline regarding meeting deadlines, and a chance to build a network for their future.